Lucky Me

I just thought I would share with everyone how lucky/blessed I feel. I am capable of walking with my own 2 feet, breathing with my own 2 lungs, seeing with my own 2 eyes, and making things with my own 2 hands. A lot of the time I take these things for granted although they may seem minuscule. Among all the whining I do I often forget to think about the fortunes I have that people around the world do without. Of all the 4 classes I have today, my health class put it in perspective. We talked about Mavlo's pyramid. Things ranging from basic needs to protection to luxuries. My teacher named several objects and had us classify them as necessity or luxury; items such as cell phones, clothes, money, internet, and houses. Sometimes it's hard to imagine those that do without the things we depend on everyday. Then he asked if it was necessary to be loved or have love in life. We all answered yes. Being that it's Valentine's Day and it IS necessary to feel loved or have love, tell someone you love them, even if you don't know that person very well. It's worth it if you make them smile. Pay it forward :) put a smile on your face and live life, laugh often, and LOVE A LOT!

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