It's Been A While...

Yes it's been a week, here is my bead figure I made. It's made of beading wire and plastic beads all from Walmart. It was much easier than I thought! I started off simiple and made an "a" for my youth pastor's wife who is having a little girl next month. She has the cutest name picked out-Aria :)
These were my materials. The beading wire is thin enough that I could cut it with scissors. I started by making the curvy side of the "a" and made the frame.

Then I simply strung the beads on it and then looped more wire in circles aroung the frame and as I went, I strung the beads on.

This is my finished "cury side". I then made the straighter side and curled the top together to make the end and again, strung the beads in circles aroung the frame.

and VOILA! My beaded "a" figurine!

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