So I had to babysit tonight. Two of the cutest little girls ever! Well in the baby's room there was this pig made of beads and wire. It was SOOOOO CUTE! It had a small light in it and had a flower on its head. So hence my project for tomorrow; I will attempt to make a piggy out of beads and wire. AND I am going to finish my canvases for the WHOO WHOO Give-Away! People you have to get in on this! Monday, February 14, aka Lori's Birthday- there will be 14 give-aways for the scavenger hunt, but make sure when you comment on her blog, wish her a happy birthday!I will be posting pictures of my projects and also my idea for a cute Teen/Kid room decor- it conisists of glass, acrylic paint, christmas lights or small lightbulb and maybe a few stones (gotta love'em!) but that project won't come together till late in the week. Well it's bedtime so goodnight and just 2 days til the scavenger hunt give-away! I just have a feeling it's gonna be the best Valentine's EVER! So smile at a stranger and tell those that are not so strange how much you love them.

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