7-day Spring Break Challenge

My boyfriend's motto...Go big or go home. So next week I am pledging to cook atleast one home cooked meal a day, whether it be lunch or dinner or both! I am not going to eat fast food and follow the trend of splurging around the holidays or break from school or whatever you consider Spring Break. So beginning Sunday night, I will cook atleast one meal a day (and of course dessert!) and blog about how you turn this "cheap" meal into what tastes expensive. For example, one of my favorites- simple Rice-a-Roni- a plain box of Chicken flavor, mixed with grilled chicken, some butter and other seasonings and voila! You have what I call Suped up Supper. This is great for those mom's that are limited on time, running back and forth between baseball practice, and dance lessons, and Awana, or the college students who are on a budget (believe me I know). BECAUSE! Left-overs are key! DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! Yes there are starving children in 3rd world countries and we should appreciate what we have and not waste things, but keep those left overs for the next night and turn that chicken and rice into chicken fajita wraps by adding some corn, rotel, and wrapped in a tortilla with some lettuce and shredded cheese. I did this last week for lunch and they taste wonderful.
Sunday night I will be making a sausage marinara pasta. It's not made from a box but it's my absolute favorite! I make my own sauce and it looks like the dish takes forever to make but it's so easy! Can't wait to share, and all the "recipes" will be posted! Hope you'll join me in cooking this next week!

Disney Fanatic

Tonight I watched the most inspirational movie I've seen in a while. It was the classic retelling of the little engine that could, with a twist, and an encouraging view of a woman pushing through a "man's world".
Tonight my boyfriend and I watched Disney's Secretariat and it was wonderful! It has an amazing, true story about the "little colt that could". We watched the bonus features and the behind the scenes material and the backgroud story and actual clips of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown are amazing! Needless to say I now have added a horse to my list of must-have animals :) Just because it is by Disney doesn't mean it is a kiddy movie, it truely makes you look at your decisions and ask if you're giving it all you have or just giving in. Also, I was very impressed the movie starts off with the Biblical story of Job, and the main character is quoting scripture, and ends in that same scripture. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for something for the whole family or just a date night :)

Cute as a Button Bloomers

So one of the many many adorably cute pregnant women in my town gave me the inspiration for these. She kept talking about these cutsy bloomers she had seen and wanted so badly for her baby girl that is son to arrive. So building off of her idea I came up with these.
I bought a large package of buttons and the "Cute as a Button" buttons at Walmart and just sewed them all over the back of the bloomers. It didn't take very long and turned out better than I thought! It's a fun and easy project for all, and especially the soon to be Mommas that need to stay off their feet!


Bulletin Board

So here is my CCS bulletin board for one of my favorite people. I paper mache'd sheet music to "How Great is Our God" to the left side and then just painted the right side, separating the 2 sides by a squiggle of individually glued sequins. Time consuming-yes, tons of fun-OH YES!


It's Been A While...

Yes it's been a week, here is my bead figure I made. It's made of beading wire and plastic beads all from Walmart. It was much easier than I thought! I started off simiple and made an "a" for my youth pastor's wife who is having a little girl next month. She has the cutest name picked out-Aria :)
These were my materials. The beading wire is thin enough that I could cut it with scissors. I started by making the curvy side of the "a" and made the frame.

Then I simply strung the beads on it and then looped more wire in circles aroung the frame and as I went, I strung the beads on.

This is my finished "cury side". I then made the straighter side and curled the top together to make the end and again, strung the beads in circles aroung the frame.

and VOILA! My beaded "a" figurine!