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Tonight I watched the most inspirational movie I've seen in a while. It was the classic retelling of the little engine that could, with a twist, and an encouraging view of a woman pushing through a "man's world".
Tonight my boyfriend and I watched Disney's Secretariat and it was wonderful! It has an amazing, true story about the "little colt that could". We watched the bonus features and the behind the scenes material and the backgroud story and actual clips of Secretariat winning the Triple Crown are amazing! Needless to say I now have added a horse to my list of must-have animals :) Just because it is by Disney doesn't mean it is a kiddy movie, it truely makes you look at your decisions and ask if you're giving it all you have or just giving in. Also, I was very impressed the movie starts off with the Biblical story of Job, and the main character is quoting scripture, and ends in that same scripture. I highly recommend this movie to anyone who's looking for something for the whole family or just a date night :)

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