7-day Spring Break Challenge

My boyfriend's motto...Go big or go home. So next week I am pledging to cook atleast one home cooked meal a day, whether it be lunch or dinner or both! I am not going to eat fast food and follow the trend of splurging around the holidays or break from school or whatever you consider Spring Break. So beginning Sunday night, I will cook atleast one meal a day (and of course dessert!) and blog about how you turn this "cheap" meal into what tastes expensive. For example, one of my favorites- simple Rice-a-Roni- a plain box of Chicken flavor, mixed with grilled chicken, some butter and other seasonings and voila! You have what I call Suped up Supper. This is great for those mom's that are limited on time, running back and forth between baseball practice, and dance lessons, and Awana, or the college students who are on a budget (believe me I know). BECAUSE! Left-overs are key! DO NOT THROW THEM AWAY! Yes there are starving children in 3rd world countries and we should appreciate what we have and not waste things, but keep those left overs for the next night and turn that chicken and rice into chicken fajita wraps by adding some corn, rotel, and wrapped in a tortilla with some lettuce and shredded cheese. I did this last week for lunch and they taste wonderful.
Sunday night I will be making a sausage marinara pasta. It's not made from a box but it's my absolute favorite! I make my own sauce and it looks like the dish takes forever to make but it's so easy! Can't wait to share, and all the "recipes" will be posted! Hope you'll join me in cooking this next week!

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